10 Reasons to Start a Daycare or Preschool

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10 Reasons you SHOULD start a Daycare, Childcare or Preschool in Your Home

I love building suspense, so I am going to COUNT DOWN to the #1 reason people SHOULD start their own daycare, childcare or preschool.

10. Pride

Sometime pride can be considered negative, but starting a daycare can give you something you can be REALLY proud of. You can see how much you are helping children and families every day. You also feel in control of your destiny and you are empowered to better yourself and your environment because you are the owner.

9. Chores

Don’t misunderstand me when I bring up this point. When you are caring for children, they should be your primary focus. You should have a curriculum to plan out their day and give them lots of educational opportunities- – but it is possible to create educational opportunities out of every day household chores. Or to squeeze chores into random downtimes so that you aren’t doing laundry or dishes during your family time in the evening. Prepping dinner, mopping your floor, dusting, counting coins, sorting socks, etc. can all be turned into educational and bonding moments for children.

8. Physical Activity

A tired child is a good child. Giving your child adequate physical play will make them healthier and happier AND help to get them to bed without a fight. It is very hard to get your children to exercise when you only have one or two because they can’t relate with us like they do with kids on a playground. When you add other children to the outside mix, your child will explore, run, climb and be healthier than they would alone.

7. Health Benefits

Studies show that children in daycare environments are actually less likely to get cancer and other very serious diseases because they build up immunities a child at home alone wouldn’t have. Yes, they are going to catch some colds. Yes, you will have to be diligent about keeping your house sanitized and clean. If you had your child in childcare though, you would not have control of how clean THEY kept it.

6. Education

You can take educating your child into your own hands. I wanted my child to be able to read before kindergarten just like I did. Most of the preschools in our area were too packed to read one on one with the children and their curriculum lacked letter recognition work. I had the opportunity to teach my child the way I wanted. Turns out that quite a few of other people felt the same way and my daycare / school became recognized for its pre-reading success program.

5. No commute

I cannot even begin to tell you how nice it is to not have to commute to work. I remember sitting in my car thinking that I was wasting 2 hours every day. Not to mention the gas money, wear and tear on the car AND I was not doing the environment any favors with my exhaust.

4. Socialization for your kids

Kids learn faster when they are around other children. It’s a fact. Your child will see another child walking and will begin to simulate the movements until – voilla! You have a walking child. Okay. Maybe you are not ready for that, but the point is that kids thrive when they are in mixed age groups as long as there is an adequate student to teacher ratio.

3. Be Your Own Boss

You set your hours, your rules, your pay, etc. Yes, running a daycare does require a set schedule, typically. But you don’t have to work 8am to 5pm! You can choose to do just preschool from 9am to noon and have the afternoon off, if that schedule meets your needs. Not to mention, you can have a flexible schedule if you find and hire/contract great assistants.

2. Tax write offs

I mentioned the tax benefit, but it really is worth mentioning again. The toys you buy for the daycare are tax deductible. Not to mention your playground equipment, bikes, balls, new cribs, etc. If you use it primarily for the business then you can write it off. Yes your kids have to share toys, but it is very possible to draw a line. Toys in a child’s room for example, might be theirs and ones in the daycare area are the daycare’s toys to share with friends.

1. Money

This is the main reason I started my own daycare. The money can be AWESOME in this industry. Before you envision 10 kids surrounding you in chaos, know that you can have just 3 kids and make a $12/hr WHILE watching your kids AND writing off a portion on your taxes. Or you can run a preschool for a couple hours a day 2 days a week. I never had a house of chaos. When I was working full time I was making $40/hour.