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FREE DAYCARE TIP Create a Daycare Logo

Create a Professional Looking Daycare Logo

Every daycare – small, medium or large – needs a professional looking logo to help parents to identify your mailings, email marketing campaigns and contracts.

DON’T have a daycare logo design in mind?

No clue what you want your logo to look like? No problem!

I honestly had no idea what I wanted before I started any of my logos. I literally went online to a logo site and browsed thousands of designs until I found what I wanted.

My favorite site to use is, there are thousands of logo bases to choose from. You can tweak each logo base quickly and easily from your computer until you get the perfect combination slightly. Customizing the colors, fonts and of course the wording is all easy to do right from your browser.

You can design your logo, save it and download a 72 dpi .jpg version (low resolution). The cost? FREE. No joke.

I don’t recommend enlarging this resolution because it will look fuzzy. If you want to make T-shirts or yard signs with your logo, you may want to upgrade to the high resolution package for $20.

Whether you choose the free logo or the high resolution logo, this is an awesome deal.

Click here to create a FREE logo for your business in just 8 minutes!

Do have a logo design in mind?

If you can close your eyes and picture what you want for your logo, then you are probably better off having a designer make that vision a reality.

Find someone to design it

To find someone who will create that logo in a file that is flexible and high quality enough to use in all ad types (online & print) you will need to find a graphics designer. I have found great designers on in the past. They offer a portal that connects designers with people who need design work.

Get a contract

Most designers will have a contract for you to sign. Don’t be afraid of it, because the contract can protect you too – – if it’s done right. The contract should say what the designer is creating for you, what file types you want for the finished product, how many revisions or choices you get, how long the project will take (with milestones clearly stated) how much you will be paying and the terms of any payment splits you may be doing (we talk about it below).

Split your payments

It is a very common practice to split your payments – half up front and half on delivery of the finished project. This protects you and the designer.

Set Clear Deadlines

Be sure to set deadlines on the project. Some designers will have multiple projects going on. If you are not specific on your deadlines, you will likely get bumped by a more aggressive client. Sad, but true. So set the deadlines early on and send reminder emails 2 days before something is due. That gives them time to move you up on the schedule if they forgot.

Set Clear Expectations

If you have expectations, discuss them with your designer. They can’t meet expectations if you haven’t discussed them. Keep in mind that being to precise with what you want can hinder their creative juices and give you a less than spectacular end product.

You are not locked in

Branding is very important for large nationwide companies. For your daycare, you don’t have to be as worried. You can change the logo after a couple years, if you don’t end up liking it. Parents will get use to the new one.

Need Help?

If you have questions about designing your daycare logo or about how to start your own daycare, please visit our website at and chat live with one of our team members.