How did I create a successful daycare with NO money out of my pocket?

My usual response is “Ancient Chinese Secret.” But not any more!

Since I have retired from running schools, (I’m only 35, and that has to say something!) I am willing to share my secrets to success instead of hording them like my life depended on it.

I started my first daycare 10 years ago. It was small back then (2 kids) and I grew the business into having two preschools, 5 teachers and over 100 students on my waiting list.

I want to share how I did this WITH YOU!
I would love for you to be successful and grow your business like I did.

I have put together this program with everything you need to get your small daycare or preschool up and running.
I will walk you through – step by step!

This program includes:

  • Step by Step Instructions to get you up and running
  • Tasks to keep you focused
  • A Visual Timeline for you to follow
  • Time and money saving tips throughout
  • Rules and Regulations you should know
  • Fully customizable forms, contracts, email templates, flyers, budget sheets and so much more
  • Don’t like reading? The audio version (MP3) comes with both versions of our program!!

No-Risk Guarantee

Risk-Free Guarantee

In the incredibly unlikely event you DON’T find value in our ebook, simply let us know within 30 days and you will receive all of your money back.

You have nothing to lose!

YOU WANT THE BEST for your family, right?

Of course you do! And I did too!

I had a dream job in mind – one where I made a lot of money and worked short days.

After about 10 interviews for a typical executive admin jobs, I realized that I wasn’t going to get that “dream job” in an office setting.

I wanted:

  • GREAT INCOME. It was my number #1 need and want.
  • Very little commute (to save gas and time)
  • Flexible hours (maybe pick up or drop off a child at school if needed)
  • Freedom (not be tied to a desk 10 hours a day)
  • Not to spend a fortune in clothes (business attire is expensive!) And I found the perfect job – running Daycare or Preschool in my home!

Great Income

I made about $50/hr when I was running my school. Later in my school’s life span, I only worked about half the time and spent the other half running errands, paying bills, and I still got paid the same amount! And that’s not taking into consideration all the toys, equipment etc I got for my family / daycare PRE-TAX. All of that adds up!

Very Little Commute

You can’t complain about a 30 second commute! Some people say it would bother them to live and work in the same place. I personally loved being able to throw a load of laundry in while I was “working”. Or being able spend an hour learning about plants with the kids and landscaping a bit of my lawn.

Quality of life

The average person works a 9 hour work day. If you add 1 hour of commuting, you are spending 10 hours away from your child. When you get home, you are exhausted and you don’t get quality time with your children. You honestly feel jipped. And often feel guilty about not being there for your child.

With your own daycare, you spend quality, educational time with your children while MAKING MONEY GREAT MONEY! So your guilt is gone, your child gets lots fun, play time with you and you can still bring home the bacon.

Don’t miss out on watching your children grow while you work a full time job!

Flexible hours

I wanted the ability to be there for my family if they needed me. I had just gotten a puppy at the time as well, so being able to let my dog out would have meant commuting home during my lunch. I just didn’t want to be tied to a desk 9 hours a day. Though my start and end time were consistent with the daycare, I had flexiblity during the day. Once everyone dropped off, I could go to the store with kids. I could plan a trip to the zoo. I didn’t have to limit myself as much as an 8-5 job would have.

Save Money

All the toys you already buy for your kids, COULD BE A TAX WRITE OFF (if they are okay with sharing them all day at the daycare)

Your house bills can be supported by your daycare (at least a percentage of the bills). This means you pay your living expenses with pre-tax money. In the end, you get more money. For single moms or families on one income it means you don’t have to stress about your bills. And that means a lot!

No need for expensive clothing, suits, jewelry, etc. Wear what is confortable and gives you the ability to run and play!

Having said all that, please know that starting a daycare doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you probably have everything you need to start with right now! So let’s think small.
I found my dream job!
How to Start Your Daycare – WITH NO MONEY

How easy is the program?

That depends on how motivated you are to get your business going, of course!

I have coached many people on how to start a daycare – all of them have told me how helpful and easy to follow my methods were. This isn’t rocket science. And honestly, this industry is more about the human connection you make with parents and children. If you are a natural with kids, it will show and parent’s will trust you with their kids!

I make it so simple.

I provide you a master task list that will guide you through all the tasks. You can complete those at whatever pace works for you. You could open your daycare doors in just two week if you are committed to doing the research and the work.
I can help you to have your dream job too!

What else does the program include?

  • Start earning money at home IMMEDIATELY
    • How I started my first daycare with NO MONEY
    • My secrets to success
    • “Grow as you Go” instructions, take baby steps to a big daycare
    • Safety checklists for indoors and outdoors
    • How to find parents quickly and easily WITHOUT SPENDING MONEY
  • Setting up your Daycare
    • How to create engaging and effective spaces for kids
      • Classroom layouts you will love
    • Teaching made so easy
      • Great ready-to-go curriculums to look into
      • 10 free websites you can’t live without
    • A whole chapter of transitions and routines
      • A whole chapter of transitions and routines
      • help teach the kids independence and confidence
  • Managing your daycare
    • The BEST Daycare forms, agreements, contracts, logs, parent communications and budget worksheets
      • Over 40, Fully customizable individual files to make your own
      • Great looking documents (my major was web design and marketing
  • Marketing your daycare
    • Super helpful tips for taking inquiry phone calls – including a lead form to track your leads
    • The prefect tour walkthrough – how to deliver a motivating tour
    • Keeping a waitlist hot – how to hook parents for good
    • Timeline for communicating with leads
    • Ways to network and market your business for FREE

Also included:

Task lists to get you going in just 2 weeks.

Very professional looking forms & rock solid contracts you can quickly add you daycare info to.

Tips throughout the book on ways to save time and money.

Important safety and liability information you MUST know before caring for kids in your home.

Daily schedules that make your day smooth as silk.

Vital transitions that kids and teachers love.


How to hook parents so they stay on your waitlist for years anxiously awaiting a spot.

If you are looking to take your current daycare to the next level, please email me at and I will send you info on our soon-to-be-released ADVANCED program.
Short on cash? No problem!

I totally understand. It’s hard to imagine SPENDING money when you have none. I was broke when I started my daycare.

Think of it this way, though. You have 3 choices.

  1. You continue to work in corporate america and sacrifice valuable time with your family, while barely making ends meet.
  2. You can ponder over starting a daycare and run into all the same roadblocks that I did, making it MUCH more costly in the end OR
  3. You could buy this program RISK FREE with a 100% money back guarantee and see how I can help you to MAKE GREAT MONEY and LOVE what you are doing.

You Have Nothing to Lose!!

There is a 30 day, money back guarantee. No hassle. No fuss.

I want you to be completely satisfyied with your purchase. And we are confident that you will be.