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Daycare Tip How to Create a Daycare Website

Many of our visitors have been asking “How do I setup a good looking website for my daycare?”.

The first thing to consider when you are starting your daycare website is how much you are comfortable paying. I will show you both free and paid website options so you can choose the best fit for you.

P.S. If you would like to have some design help on your FaceBook, WordPress or regular website, we do hire our internal web team out. They are speedy at designing pages, so the average cost to get your design up is under $50 and sometimes under $25. Just email us at

Free Website Building Tools


Facebook is often the first place that people turn to when they need a web presence because it is FREE and they let their friends know about their new daycare with a few strokes on the keyboard. Keep in mind that people outside your friend group will not be able to find your facebook page very well unless you market it.

Go to this website:

Select Local Business or Place so that you your page will show in local searches that people do. Don’t expect to get a lot of business from this local search though. FaceBook really wants you to do paid ads instead, so you won’t see many leads from the organic searches.

Don’t expect the default layout look stunning. FaceBook really isn’t designed to be stunning. They are meant to be functional.

I have found a fabulous photo tool that allows you to create a look that is crisp, clean and professional. Check this facebook photo slicing tool out – FaceBook Slicer. Once you create a design you like, you just export it and upload the images to facebook. Voilla! A great looking FaceBook page!


Go to the website:

This site setup is a lot more straightforward in my opinion. It will ask you for some basic info. Then you will be able to pick out a theme. They have some pretty nice themes included.

If the available themes don’t tickle your fancy, visit Elegant Themes. They are so unique that they are sure to capture a parent’s attention.

Paid Website Solutions

1&1 Hosting Solutions

1&1 is a quick and easy solution to your website needs. They are an all inclusive webhosting company – you get the domain name, email and hosting for a ridiculously low price of $3.49/mo. They have an easy to use interface to create a good looking site with. PLUS they include a .com domain name and email accounts in their very low price of $3.49 per month (if you say no to all the extras, it will come out to $10.47 for your first 3 months ($3.49/mo).

Here are a couple screenshots of the basic designs. You can always upgrade down the road and get even more designs at your fingertips! Why spend more than you need to right away?? This is a great deal!
To get your daycare website going for this super inexpensive price, CLICK HERE.